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About Christie and Dear Christina Grace

Hi! I’m Christie, the lady behind Dear Christina Grace. I do all the calligraphy, design, and painting around here. I started this company from a long held love of making things. After a few years in the wedding industry doing everything from teaching addressing etiquette to tying hundreds of bows on welcome boxes, I was hooked on all the possibilities that weddings held. I loved seeing the excitement of a bride holding her invitation for the first time, or seeing her name with a “Mrs.” calligraphed beside it. I wanted to be part of people’s celebrations and special moments, and I wanted everyone to be as excited about paper and ink as I am.

I’ve always loved a good party, and now I get to be part of one every day through my wedding and event work. I made the leap to a full time business in spring of 2017, and I still get giddy when I get a batch of invites back from the printer. I love getting to know my clients’ stories while we work together, whether it’s remote with email and FaceTime or in person over lots of coffee filled meetings.

When I’m not making pretty pictures or writing out the perfect invite request line, I’m usually cooking a huge meal for boyfriend and I, enjoying a cocktail, or out exploring my new-ish city of Nashville, petting all the dogs I encounter on the way.

Maybe you’ve seen me around!

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TL; DR: calligrapher and artist at Dear Christina Grace, caffeine and champagne drinker, dog enthusiast.

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