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Dear Christina Grace is a calligraphy and invitation business focused on hand lettered custom goods. I believe there is always something to celebrate, and would love to help you do just that! From daily victories to extraordinary events, my mission is to combine traditional skills with modern applications and materials to create something totally unique for your special day.

Let's make something awesome together! Just email me at hello@dearchristinagrace.com or use the form below.

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about dear christina grace

Hello, I’m Christie, the artist and calligrapher behind Dear Christina Grace. I’m currently living in Brooklyn and have had several jobs in the worlds of art, DIY, and weddings and events. I studied illustration in college and started practicing calligraphy and hand lettering during my first design job since it combined my love of illustration with my new, type-focused world. I was instantly hooked and have been creating, teaching, and sharing ever since.

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